Fertility smoothies

smoothieI was recently introduced to a website devoted to natural fertility, which touts fertility-enhancing smoothie supplements such as maca powder, royal jelly, hemp seeds and spirulina.

Mike and I LOVE smoothies and LOVE our new Vitamix, so I jumped at the opportunity to do the 10-day fertility smoothie challenge. It has been so much fun. I have mixed us up a new and fun smoothie every day for over a week now! I think Mike enjoys his with breakfast. I save mine and enjoy as lunch, often pairing with some raw almonds. I feel great. Mike too. Between the smoothies and daily meditations (more on those later) I am feeling mentally, physically and emotionally ready to try for bebe again. I needed time after losing Cadence.

Below is the smoothie Hethir Rodriguez instructed us to make today. (I double the recipes every day.)

Andes Dream

1/4c Quinoa (cooked and refrigerated)
1 handful Spinach (raw)
1 Banana
1/4c Blueberries (frozen)
2T Hemp seeds
1-2 Dates
1T Maca

Put all ingredients into a blender add water, blend. Add more water until desired consistency manifests. Make sure quinoa is not hot. Refrigerated quinoa is best for smoothies.

It is delicious! We found most of our ingredients at our local Whole Foods Co-op. And even if we weren’t trying to conceive these smoothies are nourishing and fun to make. I enjoy the variety of ingredients and the daily emails, prescribing the deliciousness for the following day. Thanks Hethir!

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Sprouted Kitchen. Smoothies: His and Hers…more great smoothie recipes!}

2 thoughts on “Fertility smoothies

  1. I’m always looking for more great recipes with maca root powder, as I’ve been taking maca supplements to increase my energies for more than a year now and very happy with the results. Will definitely try your recipe and report the results. Thanks

  2. Quinoa! Yes, please. ;)

    Good grief, I miss ya. Been almost 5 months since I’ve seen you. Too long.

    Let’s do smoothies next time I see you. Love.

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