The new “it” adventure bar: Lärabar

6112b94a286a45b7ffee9aaf5c6313beI have finally discovered a new favorite bar!

I ate Balance Bars (yogurt honey peanut) every single morning for more years than I care to admit– we are talking double-digits folks. My little sister will attest to it– she ate them for many years too and quit when she became pregnant with her first child. Why did I do this crazy thing? I am a creature of habit, loved them paired with coffee, and I relished in knowing exactly what I was eating every day (nutritional content). Plus, it was easy. I bought them buy the box and could take them anywhere; didn’t matter if I was traveling, fishing, etc.

Ugh. A couple years ago the crummy feelings about not being able to pronounce all the ingredients on the package (and my Fooducate app scored them a bad bad grade) finally got the best of me. I quit cold turkey. I’ve been eating peanut butter and honey toast ever since– again very regimented– now all natural and so much better for me.

Yet I still wanted to find a new healthy bar for the days when I don’t have a toaster and vat of peanut butter in tow.

Hello Lärabars!

Most of the bars have fewer than five ingredients. They are crazy delicious and scream wholesome energy.

Of course it makes me even more excited that they are made in Boulder, Colorado. So I also associate the bars with healthy adventure and the pic in today’s post is all that. Copper Harbor, Michigan. Doesn’t that look bad ass!?! I want to go.

My girlfriend Jamie has been there several times for the Bell’s Beer Copper Harbor Trails Festival. This year is the 20th annual and despite an already busy summer Clabaugh cal, we are seriously considering it. It looks amazing. Jamie has nothing but good things to say. Just the way she brightens when she speaks of it gives me goosebumps.

Fingers crossed…and Lärabars already packed! ;) (Peanut butter cookie and coconut cream pie are my favorites.)

xo dina

P.S. Last night Jamie joined me and Mike for the second NMTC trail race of the spring series.  I had no idea how I would do as it was my first race since surgery and a lot of the trail was deep sand along Lake Superior. I did great. I am back! The trail series is really cool and deserves its own post. Stay tuned…

{Image via Pinterest and Copper Country Forum.}

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