d05019efaa3a6b63669bda8996afb843I haven’t been writing much lately.

The past couple months I have been experiencing myriad life transitions and acknowledge this time as an opportunity to respectfully say goodbye (and hello) to some things, no matter how near and dear, like this blog.

I’m either all in or not with the activities of life that give me pulse. I started this blog when I began learning more about personal branding and social media. I wanted to teach the college students I interacted with at St. Scholastica how to represent themselves (well) online as they pursued internships, careers and more. A devotee to “practice what you preach,” I got off Facebook in the traditional sense and started the blog as a way to document the life things, people and places that fed my passion. I never imagined I would have the following I do, and experience the personal insight and excitement that writing Love from the Lake has brought me. It has become a sort of personal life journal, archiving some of the beautiful moments and fun craziness that we call life.

Mike and I love living in town and we are busy making our house a home. We are also actively trying to start a family and I will be starting my new role as a grief therapist intern at St. Mary’s Medical Center in a couple weeks. We continue to travel, shop, workout, and dance in the kitchen like mad. I love sharing these moments, and interacting with you on a daily basis is a delight, but I need some more time to reflect on how and why I want to continue…

Keeping it real. Love me.

xoxo Dina

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Latte baby coat

latte baby coatSlowly but surely my time is freeing up for relaxing activities like very long walks and casting on fun new knitting projects. I’m tying up loose ends on my first cashmere baby yoke sweater, and just about to start the basket weave on the front of this adorable latte baby coat. The coat is for Leo…Carrie’s little wee one. It will be perfect as the Minnesota fall weather settles in.

I used the Cascade Ecological Wool suggested in the pattern…Carrie picked out latte ecru twist color and it is lovely. Now I just need to find some fun buttons. Any suggestions?

Knitting warms my heart, tickles my soul.

xoxo Dina

{Image courtesy of Ravelry. If you are on Ravelry, please connect with me…username: dinaDuluth.}

My mum does SoulCycle.

TayeYep. Mum, Nik and I rocked it out in our first SoulCycle spin class in NYC last week.

Excuse moi, but…holy shit! It was intense. Taye (above) was our instructor. Great moves, tunes and energy. What an experience. Nik and I were so impressed with mum…her first ever spin class.

I want to design tanks for mum and Nik this holiday season: “My mum does SoulCycle.” Ha.

Apparently Equinox bought out SoulCycle. Maybe they will start popping up in the midwest. (Please, please, please.)

I’ve been streaming some pumpin’ SoulCycle tunes via Spotify and wishing for more. If you like to sweat, I highly suggest adding a class to your list when you visit a city with studios.

xoxo Dina

P.S. Mum sported these cute cycling shorts from Sweaty Betty…on my wish list too.

{Image courtesy of SoulCycle.}

Family album: NYC

IMG_4973Mum, Nikki and I just returned from a long weekend in New York City. The impetus for the trip was the celebration of mum’s 60th birthday this fall.

Our mum is sixty years young and our NYC family album will prove it. There is no way that I can capture some of the highlights I would like to share with you in one post so I am going to spread them out over the course of this week.

The selfie (or is it groupie?) pic above was taken on Friday morning at the Today Show. We had fan passes to the Carly Rae Jepsen show outside on the plaza. I was pleasantly surprised by her performance and it was fun to see the Today Show sorta behind the scenes. We had to be in Rockefeller Center by 5:00 that morning. Wild, but despite a pretty dark forecast the weather was awesome and the entire experience was pretty cool. Carly performed three songs and it was fun to receive texts from our husbands every time they saw us on television.

We also collected lots of swag for the kids…how cute is Nikki? Love her.


I think mum wished for more face time with Matt Lauer…maybe next time. ;)

xoxo Dina


11061324_961468540572819_1402184986940090690_oAlas, I write a post! Between finishing up at the office, studying like mad, and taking care of a few personal things in preparation for something pretty exciting (stay tuned), I am finally getting a grip. And as soon as the grip takes hold, I fly off to NYC with my mum and sister! What a fun summer.

Despite all the wildness Mike and I have not forgotten to take care of ourselves. Yoga nearly every morning on our rock, noon trail runs and swims, and nourishment like never before. The CSA has been a heavenly discovery and then we added ALOHA to our daily mix. Have you heard of it?

Several months ago I ordered a free trial of their Daily Good Greens sample pack. I added them to smoothies and it seemed pretty good, but not that much different than the green goodness I can pick up at the co-op. However, the past month I spent more time on their website and recently decided to place another order when a great discount promotion came across my inbox. Last week the Vanilla Protein Powder and Superfood Smoothie Kit arrived. I have tried so many types of proteins (whey, hemp, soy…) and nothing has tasted this good. I love that it is plant based and I was surprised by the generous amount of powder in each tin. (It looks like you can order a free trial of the protein powders today.)


We’ve mostly been whipping up the Vanilla Tahini Smoothie. It’s decadent. And I plan to bake these tomorrow (substituting zucchini for bananas since we have so much from our CSA.)

In addition to all the recipes, I’ve really enjoyed the magazine and contributions from experts related to myriad lifestyle topics. Even Esther is contributing! (Love her.)

What more can I say? I’m jamming on ALOHA. I wish that I could hand deliver a vanilla tahini smoothie to each and every one of you tomorrow morning.  xo

xoxo Dina

{Images courtesy of ALOHA.}