Fit fall 2015

LululemonYoga on the dock. My favorite.

This morning Mike and I enjoyed yoga on our rock. A cool feature of Yogaglo allows us to download all our favorite classes to phone and iPad and stream ’em wherever. Sun salutations were true sun salutations along the creek this morning…it was glorious.

It is a fun and emotional week for me. I am packing up and hugging out goodbyes at the office. I can feel the transition already happening and it feels good, right.

During the process I’ve been reflecting on all the things that will change, big and small, serious and silly. One of them includes my wardrobe. Next week I can wear my yoga-wear all day if I wish. At least until my clinical internship begins. Ha. It just seems everything fitness has been inspiring me more than usual these days. I even broke out this old movie!

A couple days ago I was chatting with my friend Barb about the transition and told her that I’m looking forward to shopping for fit-wear for this fall and she responded, “You better not be wearing sweatpants all day, girl!” Oh Barb, too cute, you know me better than that. ;)

I’m coveting the fall campaigns for Sweaty Betty and LululemonAnthropologie is fun too…

This tank with these leggings. This great hoodie and these crops. The to-fro dress. And this bra with these leggings. I can’t stop. The yoga towel (featured above) is pretty sweet too. Perfect for the rock.

I can’t get it all, but it is sure fun to look. Inspires…

xoxo Dina

P.S. I will be sporting my sweatpants too. ;)

{Image courtesy of Lululemon.}

Our delicious and friendly CSA: Stone’s Throw Farm

eggplant dishMike and I enjoyed our garden for only one season before the fire. We missed it heaps last summer so moved on our friend Jaimi’s glowing recommendation and joined Stone’s Throw Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Thank you Jaimi and thank you Stone’s Throw! We love it.

This week we picked up our fourth or fifth share. We get a weekly half share and it arrives so fresh and plentiful. This week’s box included a ton of fresh greens of all sorts (spinach, romaine, kale), yellow and green zucchini, various versions of onions, cabbage, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, dill, and basil. We’ve also received bok choy in previous shares…the best we’ve ever tasted. All of it has far surpassed our expectations in taste and quality.

We pick up our share at a house in town every Thursday. That morning we receive an email notifying us of the share contents. Catherine, the owner, also shares a few recipes for the produce that week and a little fun news from the farm. We plan to visit Stone’s Throw near Wrenshall sometime soon.

The CSA has been such a fun experience. Mike and I are giddy every Thursday for pick-up. We open the box together and start mixing and cooking from it immediately. Last night Mike made a delicious salad to compliment one of our favorite grill recipes. We try to eat every bit of our share before the next pick-up. It’s become a fun little family challenge and so far we’re gold!

Thanks again Stone’s Throw Farm. We can’t wait to visit and learn more about all the delicious work you do!

xoxo Dina

What I learned from the film Amour

Amour2This summer I am taking two courses: Assessment and Differential Diagnosis, and Evidenced-based Intervention and Treatment. It is the clinical year and I am loving it.

One of our main assignments this summer involves diagnosing and treating a character from a popular film. My film assignment is Amour, a 2012 Oscar-award winning French film written and directed by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke.

Amour is brilliant. It is heartbreaking and moving, depressing and touching. And the biggest take-away for me was this: Caretakers need care-taking.

After Anne’s second stroke her health deteriorates substantially, leaving her confined to their bed and without coherent speech. Georges insists on taking care of Anne through it all, with very little help from a part-time nurse.

There are so many aspects that can be evaluated in this film in regards to relationship, therapy, and health care, but I decided to focus primarily on treating Anne’s depression. Yesterday I briefly chatted with my instructor and she asked, “Who are you going to focus on? Georges?!?!”

I know, right? Georges needs help as well.


I’ve decided to stick with Anne’s character for this assignment, but I will continue to be interested in learning more about caretakers and how to support them. I have been keenly aware of my special interest in aging and gerontology since those days of visiting my great-grandmothers in the nursing home. Older adults hold a special place in my heart and I am so fortunate to be moving into a practice that will allow me to do more in this area. There is definitely a need.

If you are a primary caretaker or you know someone who is, please take a moment to review this article and this article. Caretakers need support too. :)

Thanks and love,

xoxo Dina

P.S. I’ll be more consistent with my posts in a couple weeks when I am no longer working full-time. Bittersweet to be leaving such a great place, but I am excited to focus on my studies and more clinical work in the coming year. Woo hoo!

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What is your go-to summer cocktail?

My hours have been consumed with studies since I returned to classes last weekend. Some days I conjure up little rewards to get me through and today I’m dreaming of the beach and delicious summer cocktails.

I usually only enjoy cocktails at home because restaurants almost always include simple syrup and other unnecessary sugars. Even my favorite orange-lime margarita recipe calls for agave syrup and I toss it out. Occasionally while out if it isn’t busy and the mixologist is really friendly I will ask for real fresh lime juice (or whatever I wish for in a particular cocktail). However, most of the time it is not worth the hassle and I resort to my old standby when out and about: Grey Goose, slightly dirty martini, up, with three olives.

Last weekend we were out of our basics (vodka, gin, tequila), but I created this little delight: Grand Marnier, club soda, and a splash of Cointreau on ice garnished with a slice of orange. It was pretty good. But tonight I think we are going to enjoy classic margaritas, nix the syrup.

Well deserved and just missing water and a floaty.

I’d love to hear what cocktails you are enjoying this summer. Please share the ingredients or a link to them as well. I’d love to post our favorite in a follow-up post.

xoxo Dina

P.S. A funny app for when you’ve “cocktailed” too much. A bit silly, but it has some real safety features too.

{Image courtesy of Witherspoon’s Instagram.}

TODAY’s summer concert series

74536441f54a74fb9ce045078ff6d731Mum is turning 60 this fall and she wants to knock a few things off her bucket list. For several reasons I cannot join her and my sisters in California wine country in October. When I told her the sad news she suggested that we go “school shopping” in NYC in August. (She is a math teacher and apparently they still “school shop” every fall. Ha. Any excuse works for me.)

Well, okay mum…let’s go!  Continue reading