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I haven’t posted for weeks, but I think about you every single day. There is so much I have to say. Life is in a bit of a transition. A good transition. And for honest and valid reasons I am in a limbo stage with the blog. Please love me and I hope you’ll be here when I return…soon. The blog will also have a whole new look, as things are looking a little new from our perspective. :)

As you know the past year has been pretty eventful and things are falling into place, a new place. It is lovely and I am so excited to share more soon. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Mmm.

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Helena L. Junggren.}

Superbowl Sunday

IMG_3883I snuck home between classes today to bake another batch of cookies. A delicious death by chocolate, for sure. (By the way, I’ve been substituting chia seeds for xanthum gum and it works great.)

I’m pulling together a little menu for the big game tomorrow. Carrie showed me the fun sweet potato skins she’s making and I am going to get on that as well. Thinking a new hearty chili recipe for the main course, and I’d love to tackle wings for the first time. Any recommendations out there? I usually lean towards a classic buffalo sauce, but if you have a favorite anything in this category please send it my way!

Have fun this weekend.

xo dina

{Image via Gisele’s Instagram. Love.}

Best legging pants ever (and they won’t break the bank)

CS_thumbThis morning I promised a post on my Instagram, and it’s time to deliver!

I discovered the Uniqlo legging pants via goop last summer. For a while I was only wearing them for travel (true to the post), but recently incorporated them into my daily wear.


They are perfect. Super comfy. True to size. Stretch is divine, and a wonderfully tailored waist. It is hard to believe they are only $23.

I started out conservative with black, but I can’t wait to order up a couple more fun colors.

Check ’em out!

xo dina

{Images of Chloë Sevigny courtesy of byoutiful.}

Girls’ Night In

2d9d8ef45ce78d21693fe2c5e7f76302Mikey, Steve and Scott are racing in the U.P. this weekend. Sounds like they did great. Yay boys!

After a productive day of class, long run, office time and errands, I am nestled in with Sola. We are baking double chocolate chip cookies from Babycakes and dancing in the kitchen with a mushroom marsala pasta bake from Smitten Kitchen.

Old movies are rolling in the background and yarn is begging to be played with. (How to Lose a Guy and now I Don’t Know How She Does It…giving The Holiday a break, ha.) Yarn will come later…paired with Scandal. Oh so addicted.

And ending the fun girls’ weekend tomorrow afternoon with a new knitting circle I’m really excited about. I think they mentioned “stitchin’ and bitchin'” in the invite. Love it.

Big hug to all my girls out there.

xo dina

{Image of the fantastic Diane Keaton via Pinterest.}

Wool and the Gang

10923605_10153061769893938_5955394238631009419_nI finished Abby’s wallaby this weekend. I’ve discovered that I am so goofy about binding off. I guess I don’t like it when things end. Fun things at least.

So the yarn nerd I am went to bed super excited to awaken and pick a new project. Of course, I started with Ravelry (username: dinaDuluth) for ideas. In the end I decided on the Silk Fountain Hood (snood) in this pattern book, but not before stumbling upon this cool UK site: Wool and the Gang.


Whether you want to learn how to knit, purchase a pattern, or splurge on already knitted love, it is all here. It looks like they favor the chunky knit…and the cute peoples…

10479702_10153079213538938_463288296981757177_n 1610850_10152944676613938_3589757881094933082_n

My fellow knit-purl-o’s…check it out!

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Wool and the Gang Facebook.}