Garmin Vivoactive

IMG_4396The easy run Mike and I set out on after work yesterday turned out to be an epic adventure!

The main reason for the run was for me to test out my new Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch…and how smart it is. Not only does this fun and hip piece of gear clock my runs, swim laps, walks, and golf games to a tee, it even tracks my sleep! It also receives texts, emails, and Instagram alerts when it is in bluetooth reach of my phone. That is probably my least favorite feature, but I suppose in a few months I’ll come to rely it. Ha. I haven’t used it in the pool yet. We swam at noon yesterday but it just feels odd to submerge it in water. And besides, my laps are still so few I can easily keep count in my head. :)

It looks a lot like an Apple product, but it is definitely not the new Apple watch. Per usual, Mikey did the research: Garmin all the way.

I love the design and fit. It is more feminine and sleek than the Garmin I used to own. I actually want to wear this one every day, all day. And heck, it is clocking everything. So much so that it is kind of eerie. I figure the only time I’ll want to charge it is when I am standing at my office desk…which is pretty much the only time I am not trackable.?.

Garmin-vivoactive-black-whiteI got the white one at Duluth Running Co. You may want to call ahead…they are going like hot cakes!

For my Duluth friends…our running loop started at our home in Congdon and near Mount Royal. We ran down Tischer Creek to the Lakewalk and took a left towards Lester. At Lester Park we hopped back and forth between the trails and Seven Bridges Road until we got to Hawk’s Ridge. There we ran the Amity trail to Jean Duluth Road, then Glenwood and through Hunter’s Park to Vermilion and back home. 10.5 miles, great loop, and totally deserving of the Breeze Inn beer and eats afterward. Doing it again next week!

xo dina

P.S. Mike and I picked up a lot more fun running gear at Duluth Running last weekend. I will share more in posts to come. Also, Clint mentioned that they are hosting a cool event the day before Grandma’s…stay tuned for more on that…

{Special thanks to our friend Jamie Nauman for shooting the trail photo on our favorite stretch in Hartley last week. (You little stinker!) Bottom image courtesy of Garmin.}

I love a rainy night

i love a rainy night

Push PLAY before you read this post…especially if it is raining in your corner of the world. :)

“…you know it makes me feel good…”

Happy Memorial Day!

Today has been a mix of chill and productivity.

We are still moving in. I just got done going through a basket full of old cosmetics. I’d occasionally apply this and that and struggle whether to toss or keep. I tossed a lot and when I surfaced from the bedroom Michael says, “Wow, your complexion looks amazing.” Ha ha. Note to self: Do not purchase any more cosmetics for at least a year. ;)

“…in the moonlight shadow…”

I’m missing my mum a lot lately. I haven’t seen her since we went to a cheesy show in February. We chatted lots via text this morning. She just bought a road bike. She’ll be in Duluth next weekend for music and golf, but I will be gone. Gads, I miss her. And so today I am streaming all the tunes that make me reminisce and think of her. Like Rabbitt. Perfect for today.

“…puts a smile on my face every time…”

I love a rainy night…and I love you mum. Counting the days to Lake Kab in June…

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Edwin Loekemeijer.}

Wool: The Full Experience

saa-mm-ms-fall-2014-600-51-661x441This morning I will be hosting my knitting group for the first time in our new home. Michael is walking to the market for fresh flowers and the NY Times. Pretty soon everything will be bubbling with mimosas and smelling like fresh blueberry scones. I can’t wait.

About four or five of us have been consistently meeting every weekend for a few months now. What a smart, creative, and high spirited group we are. We are all working on different projects and while it takes most of us several weekends to complete our projects, Jennifer cranks ’em out like mad. We have a little “WWJD” implemented for every time one of us messes up. What Would Jennifer Do? :)


Last time we met Jennifer was working on a beautiful lace shall; Jaimi is working on a purse; Andrea on her first wallaby; and I am knitting my first bobble yoke sweater (below) from Purl Soho.

I visited Purl Soho when we were in New York last month. I was so pleased and impressed. The moment I walked into the shoppe I felt as though I had been there before. I have been visiting and shopping their online store for years, and the real time store mirrored my online experience so well. It made me happy. (I felt the same about the Sweaty Betty shoppe and studio, which was just around the corner from Purl Soho.)


Today we get to chat deets regarding our first full weekend adventure together. Next weekend we are headed up the shore to the North House Folk School for a three-day class on wool. I think we get to start the class by actually going out and shearing the sheep, and end with knitting our own felted wool project. Oh my!

A special thanks to Jennifer for securing us some fabulous digs too: a quaint and rustic cabin on the shoreline with what looks like a deck and views that go on forever.

An experience for sure. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last post you’ll see on wonderful Grand Marais (recently ranked) and North House Folk School.

See you soon girls…

xo dina

{Images courtesy of Purl Bee.}

The secret to desire in a long-term relationship

clabaugh loversLast night I was wrapping things up at the office when I received a notification email that Esther Perel’s new TED talk on infidelity was available!

I started following Esther a couple years ago after seeing her talk on the secret to desire in a long-term relationship. Everything she said resonated with me and sparked a passion for learning a lot more about couples therapy during my clinical training. In fact, last month I jumped at an opportunity to participate in one of Esther’s full-day trainings in St. Paul (co-facilitated by Terry Real.) It was absolutely amazing. Michael can attest: when he picked me up from the event I was speechless and in tears for the first 30 minutes of our drive home. It was overwhelming…in the good way. I learned so much. I rarely take notes in meetings and trainings, but I left that day with pages. Esther was incredible and her new talk on infidelity captures a lot of what we learned that day.

Esther filmed her most recent talk on the main stage of TED in Vancouver. Per usual, she is poised and engaging, brilliant and spot-on. If you haven’t seen Esther and you are a person “…who has ever loved,” I really think you may appreciate her work too. It is full of insights on desire, relationships, and fidelity.

One of my secrets for “keeping the spark alive” is intentionality–daily, doing at least one thing to focus entirely on your partner. For me that might be dropping everything I’m doing to ask him about the highlight of his day (and truly listening to what he has to say); or sneaking on lingerie before we head out the door to dinner. ;)

One of my favorite tips from the Esther and Real event last month revolved around electronic communication with your partner. Esther said that couples should have one line of communication (such as a separate email account) where you do not discuss “management, inc.” It is reserved only for you as lovers. Do not talk about who will pick up the kids or when the next mortgage payment is due. Of course, little love post-its around the house is great too, but not as practical these days, right? Shooting a quick sweet text or email is pretty easy to do…and feels so good to receive.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially after experiencing Esther. It would be so neat to read an array of comments from my followers around the world.

xo dina

{Image taken April 2014. I believe it was a snow day and we decided to have a spontaneous dance party in the woods. I’m even wearing my “going-out tank.” Ha ha. It was fun…and funny.}

Bananas over Banana Republic

10425884_10153259824924076_3402751196379433023_nSince Marissa Webb took over Banana I have been crushing over it like mad. Honestly, I am giddy when the mail promo arrives and I drag it around with me for days. I’ve ordered several pieces from Webb’s debut collection and can’t wait for more. (My linen boyfriend blazer above arrived yesterday!) Mike has several pieces too. Continue reading