Incredible oatmeal muffins

8897e10587cad943e7defc0d387819beI woke up starving this morning. Actually, at 2:30 I awoke from a dream about a bakery and that is probably what instigated it.

So enjoying the oatmeal muffins I baked on Saturday morn. They are fantastic– so tasty and wholesome. Definitely a new staple. Except that I need to pick up one of those special muffin top baking pans. My favorite part!

Besides baking early Saturday morning, I spent a majority of the weekend attached to the couch. I felt miserable again. :( But then yesterday I was just fine and skittered into work– even ran and did a bootcamp-type workout with Nauman over the noon hour. I’m beginning to think that my sneaky trips to Starbucks are the culprit. I hit it three times last week and felt great all week. Half-caf triple grande nonfat latte…yum. And when I can’t fend off the hunger until I get to the office, I snag one of these petit things. Craziness.

The bit of superstition in me is going to send me there again this morning. Oh well.

We find out the sex this week! It is only week 13. Medical science is truly amazing. Mike said that we had to have our boy and girl names ready before we found out. We do! Now I just need to find a way to dodge the nurse telling me over the phone without my boy there. Hoping one of my colleagues can intersect the call. Mike’s pretty adamant about it. Super cute. :)

xo dina

{Image from Pinterest…same recipe.}

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