The Rasmussen caramel corn recipe

1af7de639497d1d6c19a41b68912cb10I could create a daily feature on all the foods I’ve been craving during my pregnancy. The caramel corn my mum made us for movie nights was one of the first things to surface. Since Saturday’s post I’ve received several requests for  the recipe. It is nothing fancy, and short of the air-popped kernels it is anything but nutritious. But damn it tastes good! Even the day-after bowls are amazing. Enjoy…

In a small saucepan melt 1 stick butter and 8 large marshmallows over low-medium heat. (Nikki and I add a few extra marshmallows for extra gooeyness.) Stir in 1 c. brown sugar and pour over a very large bowl of popcorn. I air-pop mine, but I suppose you could use microwave popcorn just the same.

Yummy! Thanks mum.

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Damn Delicious.}

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