The Glow

molly-1Well, I finally have it: the glow. However, so far my pregnancy has been anything but glow. Ha ha. I’ve been hit with incredible morning sickness. All day, most every day. Eek. I guess my mum experienced it all nine months. I hope that I am as fortunate as my sisters and I get some reprieve soon.

Despite all the nausea, of course we are feeling incredibly blessed. This is amazing.


This weekend we are celebrating the close of the first trimester. The time has been full of movies, naps (yes, me the non-napper), knitting, and cooking and baking all the delicious things from my childhood. I’ve always relished tradition, but since carrying bébé it’s like nostalgia on steroids. For instance, last weekend I texted my mum, “Mum, do you still get Mary Kay?” She replied that she did not, but that she missed some things. Yes! I want the lip gloss in the pink tube with the soft wand. Mostly because I want to enjoy the scent. How crazy is that!?!


However crazy, I welcome it all: the family caramel corn recipe, old movies and lefsa-making with Auntie Myrna in a few weeks. What an amazing time and I plan to document it all here.

And Michael oh Michael. He has been incredible. So supportive, patient and excited. He is going to be the best father ever.

I’ve missed yous. What’s happening?

xo dina

{Images courtesy of The Glow…my favorite motherhood blog to date. It’s beautiful. Like Molly Guy’s advice (top pic) here.}

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