Team GermanyI don’t know where to begin…I am so giddy today!

I want to share a fun playlist with you. Last weekend Mike and I were enjoying a little post-race celebration…drinking boxed vino, playing on our new Scrabble board and listening to good tunes. We discovered this fun playlist: Team Germany on Rhapsody. (A little World Cup love.) I’ve been listening to it all week and will probably play it a zillion more times next week at the lake.

Have you used Rhapsody? We’ve been members for years. Super cheap, with access to pretty much all music. They have a simple 14 day trial (no credit card necessary)…you should check it out. At minimum listen to the playlist. So fun!

Yes, the lake! We are headed to Lake Kabetogama for an entire week…the lake I grew up on. And this weekend we will be celebrating my G&G’s 60th wedding anniversary! I can’t wait to spend quality time with my family. It’s been a few years since we have all been together. There are lots of stories to share, games to play, and babies to meet! My in-laws are even making the trip. They’ve become such good friends with my grandparents. It is pretty special.

Last night we got a little pre-party on with my cousin Mis. We took her to the trail at the end of Park Point. And this morning we are headed to the pool. She is an accomplished swimmer girl. I’m going to take lots of notes and then treat her to Duluth Coffee; some good beans and those yummy chocolate croissants.

So I’ll probably be writing lots from the lake. I’m anticipating a lot of rest and a lot of adventure. Fingers crossed for Kettle.

You have a great weekend too! I’d love to hear what you’re up to…

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Rhapsody.}

Timberman Highlights

DSC_0957It’s rare for me to share a lot of personal photos on the blog, but I can’t resist sharing the crazy fun we had on Saturday at the Timberman Triathlon. It was the 30th anniversary for Timberman; and the second time Mike has participated in it. What a great northern Minnesota event. I hope we can make it every year.

Here is a little play-by-play…thanks for documenting it for us Paula!

The first pic up there is me opening my new wet suit for the first time. Yep. Breaking rules from the very beginning. Ha. It came in on Friday and since we were in Littlefork the days before the race, our DRC friend, Nick, brought it to the event that morning. THE awesome Nick that came in 2nd overall in the sprint course. Woo hoo!

The suit is beautiful, but my rookie technique is pretty sketchy. Honestly I did a lot of breast-stroking. A couple more lessons with Clint from Duluth Running Co., combined with more time calming my nerves in open water, and I should be moving much better out there.

Here we are setting up shop…

DSC_0961My cute boy…


It was definitely the most challenging competition I’ve participated in to date…despite full marathons, a relay 10-hour triathlon, and multiple Ragnar runs. My anxiety may have contributed quite a bit, but the transitions were killer…and all new to me. I suppose it will get smoother with practice. And I cannot wait to practice. I’m addicted.

Oh…another rookie mistake! My chip fell off when I took off my wet suit and I forgot to put it back on before the bike. They managed to clock a bike time for me but it was a little off. Oh well. Lesson learned. I got a giggle about two miles into the ride. :)

Chilling with Paula’s new Italian Terrier pup, Moira…


What a cutie, eh? Gads I fell in love with her. Maybe someday…


My first triathlon…check! What a great way to benchmark…I know exactly where I need to spend my energies. I couldn’t wait to hit the water again so we swam in Island Lake yesterday. Some of Clint’s instruction clicked at the end of the swim on Saturday…go figure. (I think most of it was about survival.) I’ll keep practicing. And building my endurance. Neither Mike nor I were fully trained for the event. We had only been on our bikes twice before the race. Still had a ball though. And for me, that is what it is all about.

Heaps of fun.



DSC_1051Thanks for all the encouragement and good wishes, friends. And special thanks to my love, Michael. Run-DMC! ;)

xo dina

P.S. I’m still riding Sisu. Geez, I think that was my first ever dinaDuluth post!


Team Clabaugh

I’m pretty pumped for my first triathlon tomorrow: Timberman!

We are in International Falls this morning, filling up and stocking up on homemade raspberry scones from the Coffee Landing. Perfect pre-race nosh…chocked full of good energy…
and nostalgia.:)

Two months ago I didn’t think a triathlon was in the near future, but after my first splash in the pool I was hooked! (Thanks Mikey!)

I’m competing in the sprint (short) course. I’m terrified of the swim, but my goal is to relax and have fun with it. Duluth Running Co. set me up with a sweet wet suit…apparently it will pretty much allow me to float and fly. Now I just need to calm the panic and set the sights.

I’m super nervous, but no matter what happens I know that it will be nothing less than a total blast. The forecast looks great; I’m stocked full of tips courtesy of Clint @DuluthRunningCo and Jessica Rossing @evolveduluth; friend Paula volunteered to be my “race bitch” (woo hoo!); and I’m sharing the course with my forever partner. He has been so encouraging and motivating.

Great Britain’s Michelle Dillon is also a huge inspiration. I’ve been indulging in her tips and killer pics via her site and Sweaty Betty.

Have a great weekend. I hope you get to get out and play hard too!

xo dina

P.S. In case you missed the post on Rossing: here

{Images courtesy of Sweaty Betty and ITU World Triathlon Series.}


1975201_742093289143867_375944297_nLast week my second pair of shoes arrived from ShoeMint. Have you heard of it? It is a shoe membership site…designer quality shoes at a fraction of the cost.

I always wanted to try it and when we lost most everything in the fire I thought it would be a good time to give it a whirl. Replacing our stuff is quite overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but under these circumstances it is not the same. Simple takes on a whole new meaning…and it is after all, just stuff.

That said, we are slowing replacing this and that. And this shoe site has turned out to be pretty cool. I cannot get over how comfortable the shoes are. I have Valerie and Violette…both are very high-heeled (and über cute!) yet they are just as comfortable as my Birks. No lie. And the price is great.


I’d like to try their affiliate sites someday too: JewelMint, IntiMint and StyleMint. Have you?

Oops…running late. Off to bounce around in the trails with Mikey! It is a super gorgeous day in Duluth. Mmm…

xo dina

{Images courtesy of ShoeMint FB.}

Grandma’s Marathon

photoIt’s Grandma’s Weekend! Woo hoo!

Teresa, Jamie and I are going to have a little “pre-game warmup” early tomorrow morning at Starbucks. It’s really the only time the three of us can get together before the big event and share our usual pre-race jitters; complain about our nagging hips, ankles and toes; and wish each other luck and fun. I can’t wait.

And honestly that’s what this race is and has always been about for me: camaraderie, family and fun in D town–every year since 2003.

Per usual my mum, sisters and niece will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Mum and Megan are running the 5k on Friday night. Mike and I are running the half marathon. Nikki is running the full. Mike and I are the least trained we’ve ever been but no matter…it is going to be a blast; a morning fun run with thousands of people…along the beautiful Lake Superior…in Duluth, Minnesota…Outside Magazine’s 2014 Best Place to Live. Oh yeah!

We are also looking forward to a post-race breakfast and Bloody Mary at Pizza Lucé; a quick trip to the farmer’s market; and music in the Lake Avenue tent that evening. I am determined to stay up late enough to see 4onthefloor. Finally. (Love me Scotty!) ;)

All the time in between will be spent sharing stories and excitement with family and friends who also love to celebrate this weekend. It is a great annual event and I hope to see you there. Good luck to everyone running!

xo dina

{Photo of me, Teresa (left) and Jamie (right) after the 2013 Whistlestop Marathon. Love you girls. See you bright and early!}