The perfect push-up

photoToday our Perfect Pushup arrived. I likey. (Mike found ours on Ebay.)

In our small space we are relishing simple training apps for daily early morning workouts: Nike Training Club; and push-up and jump roping tabatas. I got a cool skipping rope at Sweaty Betty. So fun and I feel a kid again when I use it.

I videotaped Mike using the Perfect Pushup tonight. He won’t let me post it now but said that I can post an update at Thanksgiving. Ha.


Bring it!

xo dina

P.S. Even WebMD weighs in…

{Image of Ebony Campbell via Instagram and Sweaty Betty. Love the top! And the mus-cles!}


Patagonia Surf Ambassador Kimi Werner

photo 3Yesterday I had the opportunity to connect with one of my mentors from St. Cloud State, Addie. I worked for Addie while I was at SCSU. We shared a love for holistic health.

Whenever I see her I ask about her children…seems they always have exciting adventures stirring. Per usual her son Justin has been filming fun. Addie passed me a note: “Kimi Werner. Freediver and great white shark on youtube.”

Oh yeah! Pretty amazing.

photo 1

Of course I have been digging up cool stuff on her. Huffington Post to bon appétit and Jack Johnson. Pretty amazing gal. And the cinematography and photography is phenomenal Justin. Wow.

Appreciated the Lake Superior ice cave love on Kimi’s Instagram. You captured it and then some. Mmm…

photo 4

photo 5Check her out friends. Listen to her message. Be inspired.

xo dina

{Images courtesy of Kimi’s Instagram, Justin Turkwoski @cinematowski and @patagonia.}

Chocolate Croissant…a healthy redux

b426c7e3674cb48c63629936900bb5e5I don’t know if it’s all the French memoirs, or just a love for simple baked goodness, but I am hooked on chocolate croissants this summer. Sometimes I indulge in one from Starbucks…or Duluth Coffee, but most days (okay, most every day) I am making my own version of a “healthy” chocolate croissant.

I’m toasting this gluten free bread and smearing it with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (a much healthier version of Nutella).

Paired with a Caffé Americano and my favorite workspace…Parfait!

When I get a full kitchen again I am determined to perfect a gluten free chocolate croissant.

I suppose it is no surprise that this is my favorite scene in It’s Complicated.

See…addicted. :)

xo dina

{Image courtesy of Pinterest.}


Wild blueberry love

photo 4Last Tuesday I got the nod from Gramps; the blueberries were ready.

This go-round was a little different. For the first time ever I invited a friend along, Paula. She so graciously gives us maple syrup, honey and eggs every year. We owe her berries and more. And she has the grit it takes to spend hours in the patch. Seriously, the deer flies and mosquitos swarmed thick and bit us the entire time.

Ohhh, bring it!

Paula did not disappoint and even dressed the part:


We met in my hometown on main street early that morn. My Littlefork peeps will appreciate the excitement Paula had taking this pic before we took off for the patch…ha ha.


And off we went! Grams even tagged along this time. She read in the van…so special. :)

When we finally arrived at our secret spot we discovered a moose a step ahead of us that morn.

14635889328_efac3104ce_kGramps scoping out the patch…

14819442621_03918bcb13_kAnd me just being silly. Already sporting blue thumbs.
photo 3We did great. I could have stayed for many more hours, but left with more than what I could store in my little hotel fridge and freezer.

photo 5

I’m gifting lots this year.

A few years ago we were swimming in the blue and I told Gramps that my friend Paula wanted to swap wild strawberries for my blueberries. “How should I do this fairly?” Gramps replied, “Oh Dina. Always give more than you receive.” I think about his advice nearly every day since then. I’m so glad that Paula could join us this season and take whatever she wanted. We had a ball. Created memories and enjoyed a lot of giggles.

And this is priceless. I love you so much Grandpa. My everything.

photo 2-2Blueberry scones are sorta my specialty. I’m asked for the recipe all the time. Here you go folks. You can make so many substitutions, but I’ve found that buttermilk and white chocolate chips should be a staple. The recipe was given to me by Mike Sharp, my friend and director at St. Cloud State University. Mum and I picked raspberries and blackberries at his house one summer and he graciously left his infamous scone recipe on the table. Mmm…

SconesI believe it came from a B&B in Wisconsin. I’m going to dig for the source someday and will share with you. It is so simple, but special.


xo dina

{This post is dedicated to my Gramps, the Blueberry King. He is turning 80 on Christmas Day. He pranced through the patch this year…more beautiful than ever.}