34f47ede15b58865_girl-looking-at-ipod.xxxlarge_1Lately, finding 30 minutes, even 15, to workout before heading to the office, has been challenging. I’ve been reading quite a bit the minute we wake up.

Hello tabatas! My friends Shari and Nauman introduced me to the app…and the concept. These little bursts of sweat are great before work…and better than nothing.

Shari even created a fun board for us on Pinterest. There are so many great workouts out there.

Tonight I’m pleasantly distracted from studying and splurging on a little Dirty Dancing (the movie). That would be a fun workout too. ;) Mikey???

Have a great week friends…

xo dina

{Image courtesy of POPSUGAR…cool workouts with accompanying playlists. Check it out!}

The Wonderful Wallaby

photo 1

Today I was going to post the scrumptious coconut smoothie Michael made yesterday, but when I received these pics from Brandy my little editorial list went buh bye. And my heart melted….over and over again.

What a sweetie.

photo 2

Apparently Asher sported the wallaby I made him a lot on his recent travels to Europe. (Turning 1 next week and already hopping around the globe. Go Asher!)

I will cherish these photos forever Brandy. Miss and love you lots. (Today’s Hartley run was for you.) Smooch!

xo dina

photo 3

photo 4

P.S. Wish I could say that I knitted that stocking hat too. So cute. Someday…

{Images courtesy of Brandy and Asher. And special thanks to Missa for the beautiful Rowan yarn.}

Lunch simplified

65a6b8b7b8f8e1601a8f71f344ec8b7bReally I should call this post “Life simplified.”

Last weekend I started coursework in pursuit of my LICSW; five courses and 13 credits in addition to my awesome full-time gig as a career counselor at St. Scholastica. Last month I also became a LinkedIn Profile Writer for Joshua Waldman, which is really cool and I will share more details about that soon.

So needless to say, my calendar has recently become very stacked and the need for a lot of (Dina) structure is crucial.

I need to simplify, but I don’t want to give up my blog– I enjoy it too much. And as I’ve mentioned before I often reference my own blog for recipes, products and more. I think that I am going to post twice a week and write about whatever random thing is on my mind that moment.

Moving me this morning is healthy eating. It is higher on my priority list than usual for a few reasons: With all the studying I’m going to be sitting a bit more than I am used to; I need to be more efficient and timely in menu planning; and, Mike and I have been focused on nutrition + fertility as we keep hoping for bébé clabaugh.

I’m still hooked on my healthy chocolate “croissant” and fruit for breakfast, but starting this week I will be a little more creative when it comes to lunches. Every Sunday I am going to pick one or two recipes from the goop recipe box and enjoy it all week long. I think I’ll start with the chicken salad. Looks divine and I am trying to include a little more organic, free-range poultry in my diet. Zinc. Protein. Etcetera.

What do you eat over the noon hour? Please share some of your favorite quick and wholesome options.

xo dina

P.S. Speaking of sharing, we watched Thanks for Sharing last night. More Gwyneth love. It was pretty good; paired with this yummy pasta dish and a small glass of red wine.

{Image courtesy of Rocío Garro via flickr.}

Every Mother Counts

Turlington2Overnight 200 hundred mile relay races are such a blast. My sister Nikki participated in her first Ragnar a couple weeks ago, and my friend Babs raced Hood to Coast this past weekend.

Last year the organization Every Mother Counts brilliantly tapped into the team relay fun to raise awareness for an important cause: Maternal health.

Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. EMC informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. The organization was founded by global maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns in 2010.

Directed by Christy Turlington Burns and produced by Clancy McCarty, EVERY MILE, EVERY MOTHER is a short film that explores long distance running as a metaphor for birth. The film follows 12 runners as they run Hood to Coast, a 200 mile relay race in Oregon, also to highlight the barrier distance creates for women to access critical maternity care. The film illustrates the support and teamwork required to insure a safe and empowering birth experience for mothers, similar to the support and teamwork required for long distance running.

The documentary has been on my list for too long. I’m going to watch it very soon.

Any Duluth friends interested in joining me for a screening? We could start with a fun group run before and chat about some of the fun ways to fundraise for this important cause. I’d like to do something in the coming year. Email me if you are interested:

Every. Mother. Counts.

xo dina

P.S. More from Christy Turlington Burns: No Woman, No Cry.

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Never give up.


tumblr_n0ww7hHrKW1ts7imco1_1280Mike and I are nearly finished with Unbroken.

Oh. My. Gosh.

What an intense and remarkable story of perseverance, strength, will, and patience.

It’s been a rough year for us (namely this and that), but when I occasionally feel a bit blue about it all it doesn’t take me long to gain perspective and focus on the positives. And stories like this really bring it home.


The film comes out at Christmas. Perfect…I’ll get to watch it with my father-in-law, who recommended the book to me last year. (Brandy is also a huge fan and was thrilled to see us reading it last weekend.) It took me a year to pick it up, but I think the timing for such a profound story of resilience is actually quite fitting for us right now.

Life is amazing.

Rest in peace Louis Zamperini (1917–2014).

xo dina

{Images courtesy of Unbroken the film.}